Morgan’s Journey

Morgan has already been through 30 Radiation treatments without any shrinkage in tumor size.

She went through an intense 8hr surgery to deliver Chemo directly to the tumor by drilling a hole in her brain, which resulted in loss of motion in her arm and leg.

The Tumor has grown and the pressure is causing her eyes to turn inwards to a point where she can’t see clearly.

She is constantly suffering from severe headaches, has hard time eating and is regularly nauseated, often to the point of vomiting.

Basic body functions are being robbed by this growing tumor and her ability to walk, go to the bathroom and eat on her own are gone.

But, even with all the pain she is enduring, she continues to conquer everyone’s heart with her beautiful smile and fighting spirit… SHE IS STRONG and WANTS TO FIGHT HER CANCER!!!

The Journey next…

There are many clinical trials that approach treatment differently.  There are more and more advanced methods of delivering treatment directly to the tumor.  If we can prolong Morgan’s life through radiation and clinical trials, she may have a chance at a new medicine that will put this cancer into remission.

Children from around the world have come to Monterrey, Mexico to receive a promising treatment using intra-arterial (IA) chemotherapy and immunotherapy for DIPG. For many of the children, Monterrey represents their last hope. The treatment has already extended the lives of many of the children (beyond 5 Years), and their quality of life has also improved dramatically. Recently, one child has even shown signs of complete remission.

Because of the rarity of this disease, parents of DIPG have formed a close cluster, communicating through social media and sharing anything they know to other parents in need.  Mexico has been communicated with resounding positivity.

Morgan needs a minimum of 6 infusions with each one costing approximately USD $40,000.

The American insurance companies do not cover out-of-country health procedures.  For this Mexico trial, the cost of one year of treatment in Monterrey amounts to over USD $300,000—without accounting for unexpected complications and extended hospital stays. Needless to say, that is a challenge for the parents on their own… they are giving it their everything and will not leave any stone unturned to give their precious child a shot at beating this Cancer.


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